Best Decks with Legendary! Clash Royale (Best Miner Deck, Lumberjack Deck, Graveyard Deck, etc.)

Best Decks with Legendary Card! Clash Royale (Best Miner Deck, Lumberjack Deck, Graveyard Deck, Lava Hound Deck, Princess, Ice Wizard, etc.)

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Today I’m going to share a bunch of the best decks with Legendary cards. A deck with Miner, a deck with the Lava Hound, a deck with Lumberjack, and so on.

Let’s start with a Lumberjack deck. The Lumberjack is really good with the Giant, Witch, and Minions. The Rage Spell he creates will not only increase the attack speed of the Witch, but it will also allow her to spawn more Skeletons faster.

Second deck is a Hog Rider Lightning cycle deck with Princess and Ice Wizard. If you don’t have the Ice Wizard, then you can use the Ice Golem in this deck. Or if you don’t have the Princess, you can go with Fire Spirits instead. And if you have The Log, you can use it instead of Zap. If you love Hog Rider decks, then you’re going to love this.

Third, we have a LavaLoon deck. The Lava Hound with Balloon is one of the deadliest offensive combinations in the entire game. Although it’s an expensive push, we still have great defense and only a 3.5 average elixir cost. Instead of Poison and Zap, you can also try Lightning and Arrows, but I prefer the lower average elixir cost, which can allow me to play Lava Hound and Balloon quicker.

Next we have this very OP Graveyard Poison control deck. Simply use your Knight or Ice Golem to distract their Arena Tower while you drop your Graveyard to quickly take their tower. The Poison Spell gets rid of some of the best counters to Graveyard such as Minions, Archers, Barbarians, Minion Horde and so on. If you have the Electro Wizard, you can use him instead of the Musketeer.

Lastly, we have a Miner Goblin Barrel bait deck. If you have the Princess, then use her instead of the Dart Goblin and if you have The Log, use it instead of Zap. Simply play your Goblin Barrel while you have their Arena Tower distract with the Knight or Miner after you’ve baited out their spell card. Don’t play too aggressively with this deck. Slowly chip away damage off of their Arena Towers with the Miner and Goblin Barrel and then finish them off with the Rocket.

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