Clash Royale - Best Golem Deck & Tips on using Golem!

Clash Royale - Best Golem Deck and Tips on using Golem!

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In this video I want to share what I believe is the best Golem deck in the game right now. Also, I want to give you guys some really good tips on how to use the Golem and this deck effectively. For example, what do I do when I play Golem on one lane, and my opponent rushes in with Hog Rider or Elite Barbarians on the other lane.
The most important thing to note about this deck is that it’s a build up beatdown deck. Which means that you shouldn’t go for the win in turn 1, you have to build your way up by placing down Elixir Collector and playing slowly at the start. This also means that it will be very difficult to defend against fast decks that use troops like Hog Rider and Elite Barbarians, but you also need to understand that once you’ve built a big Elixir lead with your Elixir Collector, it becomes almost impossible for someone using a fast paced deck to stop your huge push during double elixir time.
Perhaps the most important tip I can give you is, don’t be afraid to sacrifice tower health or even lose a whole tower early. It’s super easy to make a big comeback with this deck.
Never start off with your Golem. If you start the game by placing down Golem, you leave yourself open against Elite Barbarians. The only time you should be placing down your Golem is when you’ve placed down your Elixir Collectors or have taken a big Elixir lead. Playing your Golem right after your opponent plays their win condition push, such as a Hog Rider push, is a good idea. Knowing the perfect time to drop a Golem is very important.
Another super important tip is, you must support your Golem at all cost. Say you have a Golem on the left lane and your opponent plays Ice Golem and Hog Rider on your right lane. If you don’t have much Elixir, then you should ignore the Ice Golem and Hog Rider, and instead support your Golem with your Mega Minion. This is a very smart move because the Ice Golem + Hog Rider push is not going to 3 crown you and by ignoring the Ice Golem and Hog Rider, you’ve netted 6 Elixir because you ignored the 6 Elixir push, meaning your opponent is down 6 Elixir and now you have a super deadly Golem Mega Minion push and your opponent has very little Elixir to stop you. And a Golem + Mega Minion push is so much more deadlier than Ice Golem + Hog Rider, meaning your opponent will not only lose his tower, but will also lose all his Elixir trying to stop you from 3 crowning him.
Now before we get into some battles, I want to give you guys a really powerful tip and it has to do with the Musketeer. So say we use the same example as before when your opponent rushes in with their Ice Golem and Hog Rider while you have Golem on the other lane. With your Musketeer, you can shoot down the Ice Golem and Hog Rider with your Musketeer on other lane to mitigate the damage from the Hog Rider and Ice Golem combo, and at the same time support your Golem with a Musketeer behind for a super powerful push. Knowing how to do this will easily allow you to 3 crown in many battles.
Lastly, during double Elixir time, you’re normally going to have lots of Elixir to use, so instead of playing everything in one lane, a very important trick is to attack your opponent on both lanes by making a sneaky Elite Barbarian push on the other lane. By placing your Ice Golem in front of your Elite Barbarians in one lane, while you have your Golem and Mega Minion on the other lane. This double lane attack is almost impossible to stop.

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